From the past, a word unspoken … or at least unheard

I’ve been writing about music since before the Internet was a thing. Yet it’s something I’ve generally strayed from recently with the exception of an annual best albums list as part of the Higher Ed Music Critics consortium.

But music is a big part of my life. I’ve been a (not particularly successful) musician, a roadie, a road manager, a music reviewer (paid and otherwise) and — most of all — a fan.

Moreover, I find myself a fan of obscure music. Not in a hipster “I knew this band before it was cool” way, but more like “I know this band hardly anybody even knows exists let alone thinks is cool” context.

So many bands out there exist that 99.9% of the public don’t know, and that’s a shame. So many bands have awesome catalogs or just one album or just one song or even just one riff or turn of phrase that deserves a bigger audience. I’m not sure if anybody will read this blog or that the artists I blog about will find a new audience, but by trying I can at least give something back to the music that has given me enjoyment.

The title of this comes from arguably my favorite obscure band and album, “Rough Night in Jericho” by Dreams So Real. The album closer, “Love Fall Down,” contains the line “from the past, a word unspoken,” which would have been perfect if not quite long. So I’m going with “A Word Unspoken” in honor of the many words and riffs that are unspoken to the majority of listeners, unappreciated and unheard.

Because they deserve to be heard, appreciated and spoken about … that’s why I’m writing.


3 thoughts on “From the past, a word unspoken … or at least unheard

  1. This sounds like a fantastic blog, and I haven’t heard of another of its kind before. I definitely look forward to its development!


  2. Thanks, Tim! Hoping it can cover some new ground and especially unearth some acts people will discover and enjoy.

    Ed: Awesome. Always open for ideas … and new music!


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